Re-reading a local rule re chapter 11 fee apps

I’ve filed a million chapter 11 fee applications, well maybe not that many.  I re-read the local rules re fee apps a couple years ago when a judge told me I’m supposed to say in the application that I have read the rules and that this application follows those rules (he was right).

Well, I’m sitting on last week, listening to a judge and an attorney discussing the attorney’s fee application – minding my own business.  The attorney acknowledges that he violated the local rule that says the declaration by the client agreeing to the fees requested must be filed as a separate pleading.  Huh?  So I look it up.  Local Rule 2016-1(a)(1)(J) says the fee app must include “A separately filed declaration from the client indicating that the client has reviewed the fee application and has no objection to it.”

Just my curiosity wondering how long that’s been there?  If anyone knows, please say so in the comments.

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