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Family law judgments not subject to 10 year renewal requirements

Another thing I didn’t know.

Email and tip of the hat to Richard Heston:

Remember that when dealing with judgments obtained under Sections 523(a)(5) (claims for or in the nature of support) and 523(a)(15) (non-support marital debts) the underlying Family Court judgments are not subject to the renewal requirements otherwise applicable to civil judgments.  Pursuant to Fam.C. § 291(a) all money judgments and orders entered under the Family Code, including judgments for child or spousal support, are enforceable until paid in full or otherwise satisfied, and they are exempt from any requirement that a judgment be renewed. Failure to renew such has no effect on enforceability of the judgment. See Schelb v. Stein, 190 Cal.App.4th 1440, 1447 (2010).