SFVBA Program Friday December 4, 2020 – “Late-Filed Returns and How To Discharge Them”

Email from Steve Fix:

Dear All:

Sorry for the late notice.  Bankruptcy Judge Robert Kwan (who worked at the Justice Department representing the IRS prior to taking the bench), John Tedford IV (at Danning Gill and who wrote a fascinating article on this issue for the ABI) and John Faucher (who spent a decade at the Justice Department on tax matters) have put together a good program.  It is called “Late-Filed Returns and How To Discharge Them”  The program looks at the problem – Section 523(a) – what constitutes a return, how BAPCAP has complicated the analysis, the IRS’ position on late filed returns, how to figure out if your client has the problem and what to do about it.  Of course the panel will also look at how the Franchise Tax Board and its position can complicate the analysis.

Why attend this program?  Easy.  The intersection of bankruptcy and tax is complicated.  This is probably the area of the highest legal malpractice for bankruptcy attorneys.  We have to know the subject well enough to at least know the issues, the questions, and hopefully a lot more.  For those of you who think the subject is dry, first, it is not but second, the program is only hour long.

I hope you can join us.  Here are the particulars:

Location:             Zoom (by link)

When:                  Friday, December 4, 2020 at 12 noon

MCLE:                  One hour general credit

Parking:               No charge, covered by the bar association

Lunch:                  Provided by you

Signing up:          Sign up at www.SFVBA.org, email Linda Temkin at the email address above events@sfvba.org, or call Linda her at (818) 227-0490 and navigate the attorney friendly phone system.

               Members:                          $20.00

               Non-members:                 $30.00


Steven R. Fox

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