$608.34 for Fee Apps for Opposed Motions for Relief – thumbs down.

How much should you request in your fee application?  Judge Johnson, in a lengthy and researched opinion here, spent considerable time reviewing 168 fee applications to come up with a standard.

  • $140.69 for unopposed motions (i.e. car lender files MFR to sell vehicle in its possession).
  • $442.50 for limited/no opposition in fraudulently hijacked cases where debtor got partial interest (debtor has no interest in defeating the motion since the property is not theirs).
  • $608.34 for opposed motions for relief (requires opposition and appearance).

Fee applications require counsel to demonstrate why their fees are reasonable in light of the customary and standard practice of the consumer bar.  Confirms my position to never file a case in Riverside.

Stay safe and hope everyone is doing well.

Sevan Gorginian, Esq.

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