Serving the Debtor with motions, even when Debtor is represented by counsel

About once a month I search for the local rule in the Central District of California that says movant has to serve the debtor personally with the motion, even if the debtor is represented by counsel.

LBR 9013-1(d) Time Limits for Service and Filing of Motions.
(1) Persons or Entities to be Served with the Notice and Motion. Except for a motion under LBRs 2014-1(b), 2016-1(a)(2), 3015-1(w) and (x), 7026-1(c), and 9075-1, and subject to LBR 2002-2(a) and FRBP 9034, a motion and notice thereof must be served upon the adverse party (by serving the adverse party’s attorney of record, if any; or if the adverse party is the debtor, by serving the debtor and the debtor’s attorney, if any; or the adverse party, if there is no attorney of record)

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