Are BAP rulings binding on bankruptcy judges?

Another thing I want to remember.  Where does it say that BAP cases aren’t binding on bankruptcy judges?  This is footnote in the new BAP case of Leavitt v. Black  (In re Black), — B.R. —  (9th Cir. BAP  Dec, 2019).

Mr. Black argues that Burgie is binding on all bankruptcy courts in the circuit and that the bankruptcy court erred by failing to follow it.  The Ninth Circuit has never held that our decisions are binding (under stare decisis principles) on any court. See, e.g., Bank of Maui v. Estate Analysis, Inc., 904 F.2d 470, 472 (9th Cir. 1990).  We view ourselves as bound by our prior published decisions. Salomon N. Am. v. Knupfer (In re Wind N’ Wave), 328 B.R. 176, 181 (9th Cir. BAP 2005) (“[W]e regard ourselves as bound by our prior decisions, and ‘will not overrule our prior rulings unless a Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals decision, Supreme Court decision or subsequent legislation has undermined those rulings.’” (citations omitted)); 9th Cir. BAP R. 8024-1(c)(1) (also acknowledging ability of Panel to modify or reverse itself sitting en banc). We will follow Burgie, and we need not decide whether stare decisis also obliged the bankruptcy court to do so.

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