Plan Payments Memo from Kathy Dockery Office

Email from Aki Koyama, Staff atty to Chapter 13 trustee Kathy Dockery

Hello Colleagues:

We are having a couple of issues with the evidence provided for electronic plan payments.

Issue No. 1
Scheduling Electronic Payments:
Your clients may be scheduling payments after the legal due date. Please make sure your clients are aware that they should schedule their plan payments to be paid prior to or on the date the payment is legally due. There appears to be some confusion caused by the ability to schedule electronic payments on the date of their choosing.

Issue No. 2
Adequacy of Electronic Plan Payment Evidence:
For the plan payment evidence to be adequate, your client must provide you with evidence that the electronic payment is at least being “processed”. We have been receiving evidence of plan payments “scheduled” for a particular date but a scheduled plan payment is not adequate evidence for the Trustee.

Thank you.

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