New Barash Ch. 13 Confirmation Hearing Procedures

I am advised that Judge Martin Barash has some updated local rules on getting your chapter 13 plan confirmed in his courtroom.  You can find the rules here.   Judge Barash states:

“These procedures are intended to increase the efficiency of chapter 13 plan confirmation hearings, reduce the amount of court time attorneys spend at these hearings, and discourage counsel from filing chapter 13 plans and delivering documents requested by the chapter 13 trustee shortly before the confirmation hearing.”

A summary is as follows:

1.  Attorneys who don’t check in by 9:55 am will be put on second call.

2.  Matters will be called in order of check in and once the attorney is at the podium, all of his or her matters will be heard together.

3.  Where a plan has been filed within 7 days of the confirmation hearing, or documents provided to the trustee within 14 days (i.e., late), the case will be “dropped to the bottom of the calendar” which does not mean that it is okay to file things late.

4.  Attorneys will not be allowed to give the trustee plan payments or documents during the hearing (meaning from the podium).

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