Prison Love Story + Bankruptcy — “Pay My Debt and I Promise To Love You Forever”

I came across a memorandum re: decision by one of my favorite judges, Peter Carroll, about a prison love story involving bankruptcy.  There should be a Lifetime channel movie made about this.  Debtor, a married prison correctional officer became romantically involved with an intern.  They moved in together and debtor continually told her he loved her and wrote love letters saying they would be together happily ever after.  She believed him and used $130,000 of her savings to pay his old debts.  The relationship soured and she sued him for fraud alleging he lied to her to induce her to use her funds to pay for his old debts.  Naturally, he files for bankruptcy and she commences an adversary proceeding to except that debt from discharge under 523(a)(2).

Judge Carroll, after hearing testimony and reviewing the love letters, wrote this riveting opinion.

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