The purpose of this letter … is to provide notice of a current crisis [In the Eastern District]

Since not all of us are members of the Eastern District, I wanted to share a letter signed by all nine sitting district court judges in the Eastern District. I have attached a copy to this blog. Judgeship+Letter+June+2018

I will highlight some of the more shocking news:

Each District Judge handles an average of approximately 900 cases at any given time, more than double the nationwide average caseload for District Judges, which is 425 cases.

The last new District Judgeship created in the EDCA occurred in 1978 (now some 4 decades ago), when the population of the district was approximately 2.5 million people. The population is now over 8 million people.

One statistic of note to me is that the population has grown 220% according to the letter. But, I believe this is the wrong way to write a persuasive letter because the population has grown to over 320% of what it used to be. While both statistics are true, 320% sounds like a lot more than 220% and is a more accurate reflection of how bad it has gotten there.

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