Front Row Kids

This is such a great article.  I have posted before on how the Supreme Court Justices are basically carbon copies of each other.  They come from basically two elitist schools, have not been trial judges, have not been in the trenches with “the people.”  A tip of the hat to my Associate David Kritzer for pointing this article out to me.

‘Front Row Kids’ and values have taken over our courts

two mutually hostile camps: a largely coastal, urban party run by educated elites, and a largely rural and suburban “flyover country” party composed of people who did not attend elite schools and who do not see themselves as dependent on those who do.
America is split between the “Front Row Kids” — who did well in school; moved to managerial, financial or political jobs; and see themselves as the natural rulers of their fellow citizens — and the “Back Row Kids,” who placed less emphasis on school; and who resent the pretensions and bossiness of the Front Row Kids.
After realizing that, my march through the decisions of the Warren court and its successors took on a different flavor.  Again and again, seen through the lens of this class divide, important decisions look like decisions on behalf of the Front Row Kids.
[The Supreme Court is] nine perfect judicial thoroughbreds who have spent their entire adulthoods on the same lofty, narrow trajectory.”


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