Scotus Blog Stat Pack for Last Term

I just love these.  Every possible statistic you can imagine about last term can be found here.

A few tidbits:

The Supreme Court issued opinions on only 62 cases the entire year.  They also issued 7 summary reversals.

They affirmed only 15 of total 71 cases or 21%.  As to the 9th Circuit, they affirmed 1 out of 8 cases.  Only the 1st Circuit (1-0) had more affirmations than reversals.    Even the Federal Circuit was reversed 6 out of 7 cases.  State courts were reversed in 14 out of 17 matters.

59% of the rulings were unanimous.  Last term was 48% and the year before that was 41%.

Justice Thomas wrote 15 concurring opinions and 9 dissenting opinions.  Next highest was Justice Alito (7 concurring opinions) and Breyer (6 dissenting opinions).

Justice Kennedy was in the majority in 69 of 71 cases (97%).   Next highest was Roberts and Kagan (93%).  According to Scotusblog, “Only twice in the last ten terms has Justice Kennedy not had the highest frequency in the majority.”

“Justice Breyer asked the highest number of questions at oral argument this term, averaging 20.5 questions per oral argument.”  “Justice Ginsburg was once again the leader in asking the first question, registering the first statement in 30% of cases.”

A list of the lawyers who argued before the court this term is here.  


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