cdcbaa 9th Circuit Review Video Conferencing Went Very Nicely

We had a pretty big crowd again at the 9th Circuit Review last Saturday at Southwestern Law School.  The classroom on the third floor was definitely full.  Judge Zurzolo and Judge Taylor were great.

We set up the program for video conferencing.  I say “we,” but Peter Lively did the work.  We had 8 or 9 people attend the program by video conference and the feedback was pretty good.  It wasn’t perfect but it will be a little more perfect on February 11.  I think I’m going to try it myself.  If you sign up and connect, you can sit at your computer at home or in the office and watch and listen to the speakers – live.  There is a Zoom app for smart-phones and tablets, so viewing can be from anywhere.

To attend the programs by video conferencing you just need to get a free account at  Then you send an email to Peter Lively at  He will send you the materials for the program and the link the night before the program.  You must be a member of the cdcbaa as always to attend but there is no further cost after that.  The sign-in sheets and MCLE certificates are processed through emails with Linda after the program.

Give it a try.




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