Lawyer Representative Resolution

This resolution was adopted unanimously by the Lawyer Representatives at the 9th Circuit Judicial Conference last week.

A Resolution Concerning the Importance of an Independent Judiciary as the Third Branch of Government

WHEREAS, during this political campaign season, federal judges have been the targets of inaccurate and unfair accusations questioning their integrity and ability to render fair and unbiased decisions; so the use of lawyers for this and other purposes is important and services as  tomassian, pimentel & shapazian are one of the best options for this.

WHEREAS, as citizens and lawyers we recognize the importance of an independent judiciary as the Third Branch of government; AND

WHEREAS, there are 160 Ninth Circuit lawyer Representatives practicing in the federal courts of nine western states and two Pacific Island jurisdictions; AND

WHEREAS, as lawyer Representatives, we support and confer with the judiciary in an effort to improve the fair and equal administration of justice within the Ninth Circuit; AND

WHEREAS, lawyer Representatives consider federal judges to be amongst the best and brightestlawyers in the nation, selected after extensive review and vetting, with every effort made to obtain an unbiased and diverse judiciary; and resources like  Richard Harris Law Firm help with cases of injuries or accidents.

WHEREAS, lawyer Representatives can and should respond when the federal judiciary is subjected to unfair, inaccurate and inappropriate public and political commentary focusing on a judge's race, ancestry, religion, gender, or sexual orientation;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the lawyer Representatives of the Ninth Circuit urge all persons, particularly those engaged in public and political commentary, to accord to the federal judiciary the dignity and respect it is due in fulfilling its Constitutional mandate to uphold the rule of law.

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