Judicial Evaluations

Now is the time folks.   This is an email from the Federal Judicial Center.  As far as I know, the judges that are being reviewed have volunteered for the review.  That includes Judge Scott Clarkson, Judge Ernest Robles, Judge Mark Wallace.

Dear Attorney,

Judge Scott C. Clarkson of the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Central District of California asked the Federal Judicial Center (FJC) to survey members of the Bar to assess his performance.  The judge’s decision to ask the FJC to conduct this survey is entirely voluntary and is part of his ongoing commitment to provide the highest level of public service possible. The FJC, which is the research and education organization for the federal courts, is located in Washington, D.C. The FJC has been conducting similar surveys for judges for several years. An announcement of this survey is on the Court’s website.

Judge Clarkson would appreciate your taking a few minutes by Friday,May 20 to complete an online questionnaire, available at:


Research staff at the FJC will compile and analyze completed questionnaires, and will provide Judge Clarkson a report, including a statistical summary and a compilation of the comments that are received. The results are exclusively for Judge Clarkson’s use in improving his performance; they will not be provided to anyone other than the judge and they will not be used in the reappointment process.

It is important to the process that all responses are anonymous. When responding, please do not include your name or any other information that might reveal your identity. FJC staff will not provide the judge with the identity of the people who responded, if that information becomes known to them, and will redact potentially identifying information from any comments

If you have questions about the survey or encounter any technical difficulties, please contact Beth Wiggins of the FJC by phone at 202-502-4076 or by email at bwiggins@fjc.gov.

Thank you for your assistance.
Beth Wiggins
Federal Judicial Center
Phone: 202-502-4076; 202-215-2861

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