Program on the New Bankruptcy Forms – Michael O’Halloran

I have signed up for this program.  Michael O’Halloran is a great speaker and worth listening to.   The registration link is here.

The New Bankruptcy Forms – What Both Debtors and Creditors Need to Know About the New Forms
Thursday, May 12, 2016, 12 noon – 1 p.m.This program offers 1 hour participatory MCLE credit and 1 hour legal specialization credit in Bankruptcy Law.  

This program will highlight the differences between the new national bankruptcy forms applicable as of December 1, 2015 and those that had been in use for the past 20 years.  There are many new questions that ask for information that was not expressly called for previously.  Creditors and trustees will learn new facts and should have a more complete view of the debtor, her life and previous personal and financial activity. Speaker: Michael O’Halloran

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