Out of the Mouths of Babes – and a Response from the Cynical Old Lawyer

A young lawyer, working in a big firm – marble floors – $47 bucks to park type firm – told me recently that he likes the writing part of his job and the analysis, appeals, motions.  He said “the fact development part of the job isn’t as fun.”  I laughed, “That’s 80% of what we do.”  We work and work, trying to figure out what the real story is/was – what really happened.  My favorite part is finding out what really happened from your client for the first time at trial on the witness stand when he suddenly decides he better tell the truth.  And – the old guy wails, “the story will never be better than the first day you hear it, the initial meeting with your new client.”  That day the client tells you “what happened,” and you say, “Well based on all of that, you have a great case.”  The only thing the client will ever remember is you said it was a great case.

He cleared up the whole world for me calling it “the fact development part of the job.”  The skies opened.

Kings game is about to start.  Go Kings Go!

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