Charging Extra Fees to Credit Card Users in California Soon to Be Legal

I wrote a three part article here which explained California law as it applied to a retailer’s ability to surcharge for the use of credit cards. The second part discussed the loopholes embedded into the law and discussed why the law is actually bad for consumers and retailers alike. In the final part, I discussed the importance for consumers to always make sure a cash register with scanner is being used everytime they pay. 

While California’s law remains unchallenged, the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals recently struck down the Florida version of the same law after the District Court upheld it! You can read the case here.


The 11th Circuit did not give any weight to the actual negative effects of this law, at least it did not write about it. The 11th Circuit simply applied current standards with respect to restrictions on speech and ruled on those grounds alone.

These two cases should form a strong basis for any challenge to the constitutionality of California’s ban on surcharges for credit card usage.

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