University of West Los Angeles School of Law Granted Re-Accreditation by California State Bar

Email just now to UWLA Faculty:


As all of you know, we just concluded an exhaustive accreditation review process conducted by a team from the California State Bar. I am delighted to inform you that we were notified at the exit interview that we will be granted re-accreditation for the next five years, the maximum amount of time permissible between accreditation reviews.  The comments from the members of the team were overwhelmingly very positive about our institution, its academic prowess, our faculty, students, administration and board of managers.

I would like to express my sincere appreciation to everyone involved in the process for your efforts and contributions.  In particular Dean Jay Frykberg did an outstanding job in leading us through this very arduous ordeal.   Thanks to members of the Board of Managers for coming and demonstrating your awareness of the inner workings of the university.

This is only the beginning for UWLA. We will engage the accreditation process next year and this experience will be the forerunner of our goal to capture WASC accreditation.  I have set an institutional goal of achieving accreditation and that is now the number one priority for this institution.  Thanks once again to all for giving so generously of your time, energies and expertise to accomplish this extraordinary undertaking.


Robert Brown

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