Columbus Day Golf Tournament

On Monday October 12, 2015, the Valley Community Legal Foundation will be holding a Columbus Day Golf Tournament with proceeds to benefit lawyers for veterans that are homeless.

If you like to golf, this is a great way to meet nonbankruptcy attorneys and judges. If you do not like to golf, there is an option to sponsor a veteran who will golf in your place. This is a great organization that needs your help. You can find out more about the tournament here.

The Valley Community Legal Foundation (VCLF) is the charitable arm of the San Fernando Valley Bar Association. The Foundation was created for and exists to assist law related projects, battered and abused spouses and needy children and students that are considering law as a career. The VCLF is a registered 501(c)(3) organization.

For those of you that go to court you will notice that there are Children’s Waiting Rooms in the Van Nuys and San Fernando courthouses. The VCLF was instrumental in the creation of these safe havens for children. Imagine the stress placed on a child who accompanies a parent to Family Law Court regarding proceedings filed by one parent against the other. In the Past, the child had to either wait in the hallway by themselves or in the courtroom and listen to his or her parents tell the judge “bad things” about the other parent. Thanks to the Children’s Waiting Rooms, the children can be left in a supervised room and not have to be subjected to the bickering of their parents.

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