cdcbaa Program This Saturday on Chapter 13

Another note from Aki:

Nancy Clark’s CDCBAA Chapter 13 “Meet the Staff Attorneys” seminar is this Saturday 7/18/15 at 11:00 a.m.  The seminar will cover various chapter 13 topics and have a question/answer session as well.  It will be attended by Beth Schneider from Rod Danielson’s Office, Masako Okuda from Nancy Curry’s Office, Jay Chien from Amrane Cohen’s Office and Angela Gill and me from Kathy Dockery’s Office.  We will be handing out a Summary Sheet for all of the chapter 13 trustees’ current policies. See you there.

I will also make available a stipulation form that you can use for OUR OFFICE ONLY to get an order ASAP to approve your RARA fees before you convert a case from 13 to 7. Please make sure that your client has some change in circumstance that has caused the decision to convert to 7.

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