5/21/15 – CLB Event: Winning Strategies for Debtor and Creditor Counsel

Orange County Bar Association
Commercial Law and Bankruptcy Section Meeting
May 21, 2015
11:45 AM – 1:30 PM
Tustin Ranch Golf Club

Individual Chapter 11s – Winning Strategies for Debtors and Creditors Counsel

The panelists will discuss multiple issues that arise in individual Chapter 11 cases, and provide tips and strategies for successfully practicing in this area. This program seeks to provide practice-based advice and solutions for navigating this complicated area of law that often involves new and evolving legal issues. Topics will include: budgets; tax issues such as short year elections; lien stripping; the anti-lien modification statute; property of the estate; strategies for confirming or objecting to a plan; cram down and absolute priority rule strategies; post-confirmation plan modification; case closing and discharge issues; and issues arising upon appointment of a chapter 11 trustee.

Honorable Erithe A. Smith
Bankruptcy Judge
Central District of California – Santa Ana Division

Honorable Theodor C. Albert
Bankruptcy Judge
Central District of California – Santa Ana Division

William N. Lobel Esq.
Managing Partner
Lobel, Neue, & Till, LLP

Elmer D. Martin III Esq.
Elmer Dean Martin III, APC

David A. Wood, Esq.
(Next Generation Presentation)
Marshack Hays LLP

Michael G. Spector Esq.
Law Offices of Michael G. Spector

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