San Fernando Valley Bar Association Bankruptcy Section Chapter 13 Program; November 13, 2014 12 noon

Email from Steve Fox:

Dear All:

First, thank you for putting up with and reading my emails each month announcing the programs. I appreciate it very much.

I am excited about our November program. It will be enjoyable not only for the subject matter -what do you do with a chapter 13 case which is nearing the discharge stage – it will be even more enjoyable for the high level of passion and enthusiasm I have seen in the panelists. They have prepared drafts and revised drafts, they have discussed by email and phone and they have argued (gently) too. They have put in months of thought, discussion and argument about the program.

The panelists are the Honorable Maureen Tighe, R. Grace Rodrigues, Stella Havkin and Michael Kwasigroch. All of them have a lot of experience in chapter 13 work. More importantly, they regularly deal with the back side of chapter 13 cases. What do you do six months before a case is up for discharge. Should you be objecting to any claims? Are there additional requirements for your client and for you? What do you do about the unpleasant surprises waiting for your client and for you?

If you do not practice in chapter 13, you need to attend so that you can have the knowledge about the back end of chapter 13 where too many cases go down in flames. If you practice in chapter 13, creditor or debtor side, you have no choice, you must attend. Creditor counsel should attend because the back end is a time when you have leverage.

The program charge (which includes the program, the materials and lunch) is inexpensive:


Member $30.00

Non-Members $40.00

Member at Door $40.00

Non-Member at Door $50.00

Government rate – contact me. It’s real cheap.

Parking Charge: $0.00 (Try parking for free in Beverly Hills or downtown L.A.!)


The address for the San Fernando Valley Bar Association is 5567 Reseda Bl., Ste 200, Tarzana, CA 91356.

The cost is ½ to 1/3 of what certain bar associations on the west side of town and in downtown charge for the same quality programming.

I encourage you to attend. There are three ways to sign up.

1. Contact Linda Temkin at the bar office by email (

2. Contact Linda Temkin by phone at 818 227 0490

3. Via the Internet at


If you want to be deleted from this mailing list, please reply back to me.

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