First Annual James T. King Bankruptcy Symposium, In re Bellingham

On July 19 the Central District Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys Assn (cdcbaa) will have our First Annual James T. King Bankruptcy Symposium.  The topic is In re Bellingham, the new Supreme Court case dealing with core/non-core distinctions and the power of Congress to give power to non-Article III Judges.

Judge Paez wrote the opinion for the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals that was appealed to the Supreme Court.  Prof. John Pottow from the University of Michigan School of Law argued the case successfully for the appellees at the Supreme Court.  He is really a fun guy to listen to.  Of course, Judge Jury sits on the BAP and follows these issues carefully.  Besides Bellingham, there will be some discussion generally about appeals process.  This is really an exceptional panel!

The program will be at Southwestern Law School and will be free to members of cdcbaa as always.  We are going to permit non-members to attend for $95.  We will invite the local judges as well.

ONE PROBLEM.  The room holds only 130 persons and the law school is adamant that we not permit more than that many to attend.

So we are going to require RSVPs.  There is a button on the cdcbaa website for the program to RSVP.  We will cut it off when it gets to 130 persons.  So please go to the website and RSVP if you want to attend.

If you have forgotten your password, send an email to our administrator Linda Righi at  We cannot allow guests unless they pay $95.  We will allow persons who have not been members for the past 3 years to join for the rest of the year 2014 now at the reduced price of $175.00 which includes the Ashland Dinner.

See you there.  JOn

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