Public Report: Debtor Audits by the United States Trustee Program Fiscal Year 2013

On April 4, 2014, the US Trustee issued its annual report on Debtor Audits.  You can access the report here.  The UST reports that during the fiscal year, 390 audits were conducted, down from 1,351 the year before.  25% of the audits found that there was a least one material misrepresentation in the debtor’s schedules, the same percentage as the year before.  In the Central District of California there were a grand total of 34 audits and 32% of those had at least one material misrepresentation.   Of the 390 audits, only 187 were chosen at random; the remaining were “exception audits,” meaning they are chosen “based on income or expenditures greater than a statistical norm for the district where the case was filed.”

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