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Here are the 1/02/13 Local Bankruptcy Rule revisions which may affect your chapter 13 practice:
3015-1(c)(4) – Proof of Business Income:  postpetition monthly income expense statements must be produced for the trustee until the plan is confirmed, dismissed or converted;
3015-1(e)(3) – Personal Property (Car Payment) Declaration: evidence of postpetition personal property payments e.g. car payments must be filed at least 14 days prior to the 341 or confirmation hearing on form F3015-1.4.DEC.PRECONF.PYMTS;  …
3015-1(i) – Adverse or Material changes to a plan require 28 days service time;  the word “Material” is newly added to this section.  The word is not defined but would probably apply to surrender of collateral i.e. you cannot interlineate the plan and provide for a surrender provision at the hearing.  This would require an amended plan and service time
3015-1(m)(6)(A) – Evidence of mortgage payments must be filed using form F3015-1.4.DEC.PRECONF.PYMTS 14 days prior to the 341 or the confirmation hearing; evidence of payment may now expressly consist of direct payments over the internet or by automatic withdrawals from the debtor’s checking account.
Aki Koyama, Staff Attorney to Chapter 13 Trustee Kathy Dockery

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