Revised LBR Forms Effective December 2012

Public Notice

By December 14, 2012, the Court will post 80 revised LBR forms (Revised Forms) on its website, which include a new Proof of Service of Document as well as other non-substantive changes. The Revised Forms will become effective once posted. Prior versions of these forms, however, will be accepted for filing through December 31, 2012. A list of the Revised Forms is attached.

In addition to the new Proof of Service of Document that has been updated, the Revised Forms have also been modified as follows:

-Reformatted for better compatibility with the Court’s CM/ECF system;
-Non-substantive text revisions were made for improved consistency;
-The Revised Forms are fillable and may be saved using a PDF reader; and
-Many of the names of the Revised Forms have been changed to make them easier to identify. For example, F 1007-4 is now F 1007-4.CORP.OWNERSHIP.STMT.
-The attached list of Revised Forms includes both the new and old LBR form numbers. For your convenience, you may input the old LBR form number in the search box on the Court’s website to find the applicable Revised Form.

The Revised Forms will be available on the Court’s website under the Forms tab, or for a fee at the Intake Section of all five of the Court’s divisions.


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