Chapter 13 Practice Tips from Aki

Practice tip:  If your employed client shows fluctuations in pay, please always conduct a year to date analysis using your client’s most recent paycheck stub to determine your client’s average monthly income.  If the year to date analysis would not be an accurate calculation of your client’s projected income, please indicate on Schedule I why this is so.

Practice tip:  In paragraph II(A)(2) of the mandatory chapter 13 plan, please always show the percentage at 100% as this tells our office how much of the plan payment we can use to pay your fees.

Practice tip: If you have a married couple filing bankruptcy and one of the spouses is a homemaker, please indicate homemaker in the employment section rather than indicating “unemployed.”  If you indicate unemployed, our assumption will be that the unemployed spouse is seeking employment and our line of questioning at the 341(a) will follow this assumption.

Aki Koyama
Staff Attorney to Kathy Dockery, Chapter 13 Trustee

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