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Dear Colleagues!

If you are seeking or needing advice to better market your skills and law practice, a fellow cdcbaa member is conducting an excellent law practice marketing seminar:

Jay Fleischman and Cathy Moran are giving a one-day workshop in Pasadena, CA on ┬áDecember 8, 2012 for a limited number of smart consumer bankruptcy lawyers who want to learn how to build or improve their online marketing presence. You don’t need to miss a day of work because it’s on a Saturday. You’ll get a bunch of how to stuff, not theory, in how to improve your presence to get clients using a website and great marketing resources like the The Indexer which is a company that help with this.

If you’ve got an existing web presence that is underperforming, or if you are a total web newbie, then this program is for you. It is designed to give you the tools you need to compete in the online space, tackle the deep-pocketed competition, and break free from companies that charge thousands of dollars for a canned web presence.

Here’s your agenda:

-Elements Of A Successful Online Presence: What’s Important, What’s Fluff, And
Where To Focus Your Efforts
-Search Engine Optimization: How does Google rank your site, and what are the
tweaks you can implement to gain an advantage.
-Fast Track Content Creation: Quick Start Ideas To Get You Off The Dime And
Into The Content Creation Arena
-From Around Here: How to optimize your site for local search
-Analytics For Beginners: Looking at your website traffic to find the hidden
gems of search engine optimization and what is working on your site.

The event will be held December 8, 2012 from 8:00am – 6:00pm at the Courtyard Los Angeles Pasadena/Old Town, centrally located just a few blocks from Colorado Avenue, restaurants, nightlife and shopping.

Event price is $495, but cdcbaa members get a significant discount to $365 for the full day.

Due to the fact that this is a marketing event, no MCLE will be offered.

Sign up for the event is here:

http://www.eventbri 4763011295? discount= cdcbaa

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