Digital Domain Chapter 11 Filing — Guess Tupac won’t be “performing” at Coachella next year…

I was so fascinated when I watched the video of Tupac Shakur performing at Coachella this year — and now, less than a year after going public, Digital Domain Media Group Inc., the digital production company founded by director James Cameron has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in Delaware.

Digital Domain is best known for its work on the movie “Titanic” and has produced visual effects for more than 90 movies. In April at Coachella,  its Tupac Shakur hologram amazed thousands of people when “it” (Tupac!) took the stage and appeared to perform alongside Snoop Dogg.

One of the biggest shareholders in the company is former Miami Dolphins quarterback Dan Marino, who is listed in bankruptcy filings as owning 1.6 million shares.

As of the petition date, the company had total assets of about $205 million and total liabilities of about $214 million.

12-12568-BLS Digital Domain Media Group, Inc.
Case type: bk Chapter: 11 Asset: Yes Vol: v Judge: Brendan Linehan Shannon
Date filed: 09/11/2012 Date of last filing: 09/12/2012