Program on Chapter 11s at UWLA Law School

Dear Jon:

I will be one of two panelists speaking on September 21, 2012, from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon at the University of West Los Angeles (Chatsworth campus) on chapter 11 issues which are vital, especially to newer practitioners, but which are rarely discussed.  The topics to be discussed include the following:

•           How does the bankruptcy attorney determine if a debtor can solve its problems and reorganize?

•           How does the bankruptcy attorney determine if a company’s principals and leaders can take the company through reorganization?  Chapter 11 cases are difficult for leaders who have a lot to learn and much to unlearn.

•           Do the company’s leaders suffer from common failures of leadership, e.g., entitlement, abdication or other infirmities?

•           How does the bankruptcy attorney help the debtor reorganize before, during and after the chapter 11 reorganization?

•           In a chapter 11 reorganization, which financial numbers and reports matter?  Too often, the bankruptcy attorney lacks a good understanding of the company’s financial numbers when deciding if the business can reorganize.

•           Why does this chapter 11 case matter?  In too many chapter 11 cases, the attorney does not educate the bankruptcy judge why this case matters.  Without educating the judge, the likelihood of a successful reorganization decreases.  What does the bankruptcy attorney need to learn about the debtor in order to make this case matter to the bankruptcy judge?

•           We will review basic concepts and examine first day pleadings.

For me as a practitioner in chapter 11 reorganizations for many years, I have concluded the answers to these questions (and similar ones) are often the most important questions to answer for the answers determine whether a reorganization can succeed and the course the reorganization will take.

I am also attaching a letter describing the program in a bit more detail, giving some background on the panelists and giving location and price information.  Could you post the letter to the Central District Insider blog?   Fox Program Letter

Thank you.

Steven R. Fox

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