Public Notice re Santa Ana Case Assignment to Judge Clarkson

Public Notice 12-001 attached.

Judge Scott C. Clarkson recently began receiving a portion of the new chapter 7 and chapter 11 bankruptcy cases filed at the Santa Ana Division. Judge Clarkson will also continue to receive new cases filed at the Riverside Division.

Hearings: To schedule matters on Judge Clarkson’s Santa Ana Division calendar, please refer to Judge Clarkson’s self-calendaring instructions on the Court’s website at, or call 714-338-5378.

Unless otherwise directed by the Court, parties appearing before Judge Clarkson for Santa Ana Division cases assigned to him are to appear at the Santa Ana Division, Courtroom 5C. Hearings for Judge Clarkson’s Santa Ana Division cases should be noticed for his Santa Ana Division Courtroom at 411 West Fourth Street, Courtroom 5C, Santa Ana, CA 92701.

Filing Papers/Judge’s Copies: Papers filed on Santa Ana Division cases assigned to Judge Clarkson must be filed either electronically or, for those not registered to use CM/ECF, at the Intake Section of the Santa Ana Division. Judge’s copies of these documents must be mailed to 411 West Fourth Street, Suite 5113, Santa Ana, CA 92701, or placed in the judge’s copy bin for Judge Clarkson outside of Suite 5113.

For procedures and information regarding Santa Ana Division cases assigned to Judge Clarkson, please consult the Court’s website under Information > Judges’ Procedures/Information.