Prof. Katie Porter Program at cdcbaa

 Prof. Katie Porter put on a great program, entitled, Ten Bankruptcy Myths, this morning at Southwestern Law School.  She started by telling us that we in the Central District are kind of weird, or strange, or odd, I forget the term she used.  “You are outliers,” she said.  The results of the statistical studies she works on often skew to the central district because we are such a large portion of the total.  The talk focused on who files bankruptcy, why, and the effects of things like BAPCPA, filing without a lawyer, race, and the stigma of filing.  For example, she easily convinced us that the stigma of filing a bankruptcy petition is as huge as ever.  Most people treat filing bankruptcy as equal to a death in the family.  And the people who file are more likely to be older than younger, etc. etc.  I highly recommend the program if you get a chance to go see her.

You may know, “In March 2012, Prof. Porter was appointed by California Attorney General Kamala Harris to be the state’s independent monitor of banks in a nationwide $25 billion mortgage settlement.”  If you have a question about that, she can be reached at

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