Court To Implement CM/ECF Filing Agent on July 16, 2012

On July 16, 2012, the Court will implement CM/ECF Filing Agent. Filing Agent is an optional feature that enables registered CM/ECF users to assign unique logins and passwords to support staff filing electronic documents on their behalf. Filing Agent will also provide all registered CM/ECF users with the ability to maintain email account information via the Utilities > Maintain Your ECF Account hyperlink (pursuant to LBR 2091-1, registered users are prevented from using Filing Agent to change their address).

The Court has posted an Electronic Learning Module (ELM), containing the necessary steps to associate a Filing Agent to a registered CM/ECF user’s profile. Please note that since the ELM was created by the National Training Branch, some CM/ECF screen information depicted in the ELM may be slightly different from the information contained in the Court’s CM/ECF system (i.e., group names).

We encourage all registered CM/ECF users who are interested in using Filing Agent to review the ELM and become familiar with the process. To access the public notice announcing the implementation of this new feature and the ELM for training click this link:

A second link appears inside the public notice to review the ELM or go to the CM/ECF webpage under Registration/Training.

Detailed instructions for maintaining your Filing Agent and email account information areĀ attached.

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