CM/ECF Tips to Avoid Filing Errors

ATTENTION ALL CM/ECF USERS Re: CM/ECF Tips to Avoid Filing Errors

Entering the Jury Demand when Opening an Adversary Complaint:

When Opening and Adversary Proceeding, the monetary value in the Jury Demand field must be rounded up to the nearest thousand. For example, a Jury Demand for $25,000.00 should be entered as 25 only. It is essential that this information is entered correctly so it is accurately reported to the Statistical Division of the Administrative Office (AO).

Was your Client’s Chapter 7 Case Closed Without a Discharge?

Avoid this situation by filing the Financial Management Certification (Official Form 23) within the required time of 60 days from the first day set for the meeting of creditors or after the 341(a) meeting. This will prevent the case from being closed without a discharge, avoid having to file a motion to reopen the case and paying reopening fees.

Avoiding Duplicate Cases:

Many duplicate cases are caused as a result of the user trying to file subsequent petition document while using Bankruptcy Petition Preparation Software. Duplicate cases may adversely affect your client’s credit rating, and will require you to pay additional filing fees.

Amended Schedules D, E and F:

When filing amendments to schedule D, E or F, be sure to use event code: Amendment – Amended Schedules D, E and F, whether you are amending one or all three schedules. NOTE: Avoid an extra filing fee by attaching the amended creditors matrix with only the additional or modified creditors to this event.

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