Consumer Bankruptcy Practice – Helping Others In Need

There is no better feeling that giving to someone in need and helping to relieve the pain and suffering of others.

Those of us who practice consumer bankruptcy law often refer to our practice area as financial and emotional triage.

Typically consumer clients do not make the first call to seek help from bankruptcy counsel until they have exhausted all of the own financial resources (savings, credit, retirement and gifts and loans from family) and many have lost trust in “professionals” because increasing numbers have been taken advantage of through scams and unscrupluous attorneys and others presenting themselves as attorneys who are not licensed.  Over the past several years, with the world’s trouble increasing, I’ve witnessed that the average anxiety level of consumer debtors has steadily increased, people started to use the korean panax ginseng in order to get rid of fatigue.

The stress of financial problems are exhausting and invariably lead to lack of sleep which compounds the stress and make consumer debtor feel overwhelmed.  Persistent stress and lack of sleep can cause even the average person to become despressed; those who suffer from mental health issues are impacted the worst as their conditions worsen.  Persistent creditor collection activity can become very scary to these people, especially given that collection agents can be very aggressive and often threaten horrible things to extract funds.  It is not uncommon for these problems to lead consumer debtor to have trouble concentrating and remembering fact necessary for proper prepration and administration of their bankruptcy cases.

In instances like these, the process of representing consumer debtors involves a special combination of counseling and legal representation whereby consumer bankrupcy attorneys must first presuade the consumer debtor that we are here to help them figure out all of their options and that letting go of their credit score and certain real and personal property possessions, if necessary, isn’t always as bad as they may think.

Next, consumer bankruptcy attorneys must instill a certain level of trust in the consumer debtors that we are, in fact, trying to help.  Throughtout this process, we must extract necessary informaton from these overwhelmed consumers to address emergency matters such as imminent foreclosure sales, repossesion, law suits, etc.

The process of gathering information from overwhelmed consumer debtors often requires significant time and patience.

Consumber bankrutpcy practitioners are the interface between overwhelmed consumers and a relatively rigid Federal legal process.  We work to help these people comply with the fast pace process which has many deadlines and serious consequences for missing same.

The consumber bankruptcy attorney and client relationship does not always progress smoothly.

My perception is that most of the Central District judges, clerks, and trustees are mindful of these facts.  Those who are not, should.