New Chapter 11 Disclosure Statement and Plan Forms for Individuals

I finally used the new Chapter 11 Disclosure Statement and Plan forms for individual cases.  They are required by Judge Kaufman and Judge Zurzolo.  They are on the bankruptcy court website, Forms F 2081-1.DISCLSR.STMT and F 2081-1.PLAN.  They are incredibly simple and easy to use.  In fact, I’m not sure the disclosure statement form has enough in it.  The only historical info required is the means test numbers and the net income from the MORs.  The only projections required are amended Schedules I and J, amended to reflect the current status and the plan payments.  The only information on liquidation required is amended Schedules A and B, amended to the date of the disclosure statement.  I added exhibits with projections and I would certainly add exhibits with historical info if available.

The bad news is you cannot save the forms once filled out.  So you have to do the perfect job on the first try or retype it on the second try.  Also, of course, the empty boxes for the treatment of secured creditors leave a lot to be desired.  I got around that (I hope) by saying “see attached for the treatment.”

Try it, you’ll like it!  Remember the forms apply only to individual cases.  Also remember to thank Dennis McGoldrick who did the yeoman’s work on these and got the judges to approve them.

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