Octomom’s Doctor Filed Chapter 7

Dr. Michael Kamrava filed Chapter 7 on December 23, 2011. His Chapter 7 Trustee is Elissa Miller.

2:11-bk-62013-TD Michael M Kamrava
Case type: bk Chapter: 7 Asset: No Vol: v Judge: Thomas B. Donovan
Date filed: 12/23/2011 Date of last filing: 12/30/2011

I was surprised to see that he does not own any real property or even a motor vehicle, he does not even pay rent. His main assets are miscellaneous home furnishings and about $7,000 in the bank.  He also claims an ownership interest in a trust that owns four medical patents, but claims that there is no market for them. The trust was created in 2001.

His priority debts total approximately $61,000 — all taxes. His unsecured non-priority debts total approximately $1.16M. His wife and corporation (WEST COAST IVF CLINIC, Inc.) are codebtors on most of the debts. The “primarily business debts” box is checked on the petition.

Mr. Kamrava’s medical license has been revoked because of the Octomom debacle and Schedule J states that “he is not currently earning any income. Reinstatement could occur in 3 years.”

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