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Scotusblog Stat Pack Available

If you like data and charts, you will love this.  You can access the 2015 stat pack here.  All 50 pages thank you.  Some pretty fun stuff. The 9th Circuit was affirmed 2 times in 11 cases (plus one 4-4 ruling). Clarence Thomas wrote the most opinions by far – 39.  The next highest was Alito with 19.  Thomas wrote 18 dissenting opinions, the next highest was Sotomayor with 8.    Roberts wrote only six majority opinions, Thomas seven.  The high for majority opinions?  Kennedy with nine. There were 76 total cases resolved although 13 of those were “summary reversals.”  So 63 cases, of which 4 were “decided” 4-4 meaning the lower court ruling stands.   Read more…

Supreme Court Stat Pack

Here are fascinating facts about the Supreme Court this last term.    Here is a five-page summary.   Both of these can be found on the Scotusblog.