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Sciarratta – State of Void Sales post Yvanovva

Sciarratta v. U.S. Bank National Assn, 2016 WL 2941194 (California Court of Appeal, Nares, J., May 18, 2016)

Issue: Must a foreclosure sale be set aside where the foreclosing lender is not the actual owner of the loan at the time of the sale, or must the borrower show prejudice first?

Holding: Yes, “a homeowner who has been foreclosed on by one with no right to do so—by those facts alone—sustains prejudice or harm sufficient to constitute a cause of action for wrongful foreclosure.”

APPEAL from a judgment of the Superior Court of Riverside County, John Vineyard, Judge. Reversed and remanded.

Nares Huffman O’Rourke

The lender here filed a Notice of Default. Subsequently it assigned the loan to a different bank. Shortly after the foreclosure sale, the original lender assigned the loan to yet a second different bank who purportedly “purchased” the property at the sale. The court agreed that the lender that foreclosed was not the owner of the note at the time of the foreclosure. The borrower brought an action for wrongful foreclosure and the lender argued that there was no prejudice to the borrower since the conflicting transfers were paperwork mistakes and either way, the borrower was in default and had not cured. The trial court agreed with the lender and dismissed the case. Read more…