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9th Circuit Judicial Conference – Almost Surreal Experience

I attended the annual 9th Circuit Judicial Conference last week in Big Sky Montana.  The conference consists of all of the federal judges in the 9th Circuit and a bunch of Lawyer Representatives, of which I am one (for one more year at least).  The conference consists of a number of programs, legal meetings and dinners.  Afternoons taking a nap since there is not much to do there and evenings in the sports bar visiting judges and lawyers from all over.

Two of the programs were directed specifically to bankruptcy matters.   It was almost surreal that nearly every bankruptcy judge I ever heard of was all in the same room.  The discussion was lively too.  The panelists would be talking about something and some judge would stand up to comment and then another judge would stand up and respond.  “Here’s how I do such and such.” Read more…